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BUDEFO Telescopic SURF Spinning Fishing Rod 3.9/4.2/4.5/5.0/5.3/5.8m Carbon Carp Travel Rods 80-150g Throwing Surfcasting Pole

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Telescopic SURF Fishing Rod 80-150g


Made of high-strength and high-elastic carbon fiber cloth, with strong waist strength, easy to cast, and the fishing weight test value is as high as 9kg
fishing rod adopts high-tonnage carbon cloth and lightweight design, and the inner diameter is a matte bare rod;
Special pattern decorative carbon cloth runs through the entire handle, which is durable and beautiful;
Top ring guide ring adopts a thickened magnetic ring anti-wear guide ring, which is strong and smooth;
Adopt the inclined fixed guide ring design to increase the wire-out speed. The maximum guide ring adopts the foldable 30# large guide ring
Nylon high-strength roll holder, with exquisite two-color aluminum decoration at both ends
Grip is made of black EVA, which is soft, comfortable and non-slip;
Exquisite gun-color electroplated tail pieces, wear-resistant and impact-resistant;
Choose PVC tube or PP gas column tube packaging to improve the safety during transportation and ensure that the product can be delivered to you intact.

 Length:3.9M   Closed length: 89CM    Guide:5+1   Lure weight:80-150g      Weight:368g  Top/Butt Dia: 2.0/20.3mm

 Length:4.2M   Closed length: 89CM    Guide:5+1   Lure weight:80-150g      Weight:395g  Top/Butt Dia: 2.0/20.3mm

 Length:4.5N    Closed length: 89CM    Guide:5+1   Lure weight:80-150g      Weight:475g  Top/Butt Dia: 2.0/23.8mm

 Length:5.0M   Closed length: 89CM    Guide:6+1   Lure weight:80-150g      Weight:486g  Top/Butt Dia: 2.0/23.8mm

 Length:5.3M   Closed length: 95CM    Guide:6+1   Lure weight:80-150g      Weight:515g  Top/Butt Dia: 2.0/23.8mm

 Length:5.8M   Closed length: 95CM    Guide:7+1   Lure weight:80-150g      Weight:659g  Top/Butt Dia: 2.0/23.8mm

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