1 Pcs Big Minnow 17cm 27g Wobblers Fishing Lures Deep Diving Artificial Hard Bait Trolling Boat Sea Fishing Bass Pike Lure

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Weight: 27g
Size: 17.5 cm
Hook size: 1 / 0#
Diving: 1.5-4.5m

It has a good effect on freshwater bass, sea bass, black fish, catfish, mandarin fish, herring, etc.       It mainly imitates small fish visible in nature. Usually, small fish in nature have different behavior patterns, such as wandering alone, raising their head to touch the water, swimming on the water, fleeing in the face of the enemy, dying struggle, touching the bottom to find food, and other different actions. In addition to the free operation of fishermen, some of these actions also have special bait.
In addition to swimming, there are: s (submerged)         F (floating water)        Sp (suspended, the fisherman does not move, the bait does not move)
       It is used to imitate the movements of small fish swimming on the water or water snakes on the water. It is usually the action of the fisherman that makes it swing left and right (commonly known as dog walking)