Kitchen Timer Machinery Frog

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New Creative Kitchen Timer Machinery Cartoon Frog Timer

Size:7x6.5cmMaterial:ABS plasticUse:cooking,baking,study,etc

Notice! Notice! Notice! Use must read: Please follow the operation steps to time

1: First turn clockwise from 0-55 to 55 scale, and wind up the mainspring. (Exceeding the scale will reverse and damage the gear, and when the scale is at 0, you cannot directly rotate counterclockwise in the direction of 55).

2: Return to the desired timing scale (for example, if the timing is 5 minutes, you can return to scale 5).

3: Place it and wait for the bell to remind you
4: Remember! It must be wound first every time. If it is directly screwed to the timing time, it will not ring.
Due to the gap in the operation of the gear structure, the error of the ringing time is about 1 minute, please know