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  • Material: High-carbon steel
  • Color as shown
  • Size: 250mm
  • Weight: 450g
  • Package: Multifunctional socket wrench*1


  • 16 Wrenches in 1: 48 in 1 Universal Tool Socket Wrench is a powerful new tool that combines 16 wrenches in one.
  • Click On Them: All you need to do is click on the different sizes to get the tools that you need.
  • Rotates and Swivels: Using a swiveling head and a rotating adjustment you are able to find the size you need quickly no matter the angle. This one unit replaces bulky socket and wrench set and toolkits.
  • Saves Time: Alleviating any guesswork means that you save time.
  • Works With Lots of Bolts: It will work with square, six-point, 12 point or even damaged bolts.
  • Standard or Metric: One end is standard while the other end is metric. In the middle, you will find the ergonomically friendly handle that you can grip easily.

Are you annoyed by frequently changing wrenches to repair various items?

Maybe you should try a multifunctional socket wrench, widely used in electrician repair, home repair, plumbing repair, mechanical repair, car repair, motorcycle, and bicycle repair
A variety of models, easy to get

360°rotation of the head

The sleeve model can be rotated as required, and the handle can be rotated to change the force direction during use, which is convenient for use.

About the material

Forged with high-quality high-carbon steel, with hardness up to HRC56±2, good toughness and large torque, making it easier for you to use.

Removable screw model

Metric Screw Model: 8-10-11-13-14-16-17-19mm
Inch Screw Models: 5/16″- 3/8″- 7/16″- 1/2″- 9/16″- 5/8″- 11/16″- 3/4″
Unique tooth shape and barrel specifications: 4 angle screws - 5 angle screws - 6 angle screws (metric / inch) 8 angle screws - 12 angle screws (metric / inch) - flower angle screws